Meet Mila, a 12 week old shih tzu puppy and Henry, a 12 week old whippet puppy.  These guys are two of the puppies in my puppy socialization class.  Did you know that prime socialization age is between eight and twelve weeks old?

By committing to your puppy to help him learn about life at this age through positive based socialization, you have given him/her one of the best gifts you can.  Socialization is making the “weird and scary” fun and exciting!  It is simply teaching your puppy to be confident in the big wide world we live in.  Cars, children, wheelchairs, the elderly, and bikes are just a few of the many things you should be teaching your puppy about.  In the pictures below, Mila and Henry are participating in our “surfaces and things to climb on” night.  Both of them are freely offering to walk on the tarp.  Their owners are feeding treats to ensure the puppies view this as a fun and happy activity instead of something to be scared of.  Good job pups!