Positive Reinforcement Training

To put it simply, reinforced behavior is repeated behavior! What I use as a reinforcement for one dog, may not be the same for another. Through the use of food, toys, play, pets, and praise, I am finding what my dog will work for and use it to reinforce the behavior that I want repeated. Instead of focusing on using corrective methods for behaviors that I don’t want repeated, I am teaching the dog what I want them to do and reinforcing it with something that is highly valuable to them. This means I gain the benefit of having a canine partner who works with me because it is fun, enjoyable, and fear free! Statistically, dogs who are trained through the use of corrective methods such as yelling, hitting, shocks, prongs, or chokes, are more likely to develop aggression later in life. These methods may “work” but are only doing so out of a creation of fear and anxiety in the dog. I would much rather work with a dog who by their choice, actively and eagerly chooses participation in training!



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