Training Philosophy

My goal when I work with any animal is to create a willing partner. Sadly, the go to method of the past, and still used by many trainers today, is to work with an animal through fear. Methods that include shock collars, prong collars, electric collars, yelling, hitting, and harsh leash corrections are only bullying the animal into a fear-based compliance. By using science-based, positive reinforcement, fear free training methods, I am working with my dog, creating a leadership based on respect.

The number of dogs that are surrendered and ultimately euthanized per year is heartbreaking. Many of those dogs could easily have been saved if their owners had received quality and correct education. Humane handling takes having a proper understanding of canine behavior and learning to communicate with your dog effectively. My number one goal is to teach you just that; how to communicate with your pup! I want to educate you on how your dog learns and equip you with the right tools to keep you training and working with your dog even when I am out of the picture.


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